Rooms in the Castle

The rooms of the Manor are large and have a fireplace ans high ceilings. Each room is furnished differently with authentic furniture from the 19th Century, offering a warm, refined, luxurious and confortable living space. Your chambermaid will see to all the details of your comforts and needs to assure you of a most delightful sojourn.

Suites In The Cypress Farm

If you are a couple, a family or a group of friends travelling together, the three Suites and the loft of the Cypress Farm offer the perfect accomodations for you. Decorated in a contemporary style, each suite has a double room and a living-room. The loft is a spacious, attic junior suite. The suites can be made to be intercommunicating and are then capable of welcoming a group of up to twelve guests.

The Chapel

This exquisite little house was in the past the witness of celebrations and weddings. Ideally situated in the heart of the park, it was refurbished in two nice communicationg modern room with a private terrace each.

The Old Wash House

Hidden in the palm tree area, this small two-story stone house once served as the wash house and bread oven of the residence. It has been renovated in a combination of modern and rustic styles. With its master bedroom, an attic living-room and upstairs twin beds, it is the perfect accomodation for a family with children. A private terrace and solarium with deck-chairs provides a tranquil place to relax quietly.